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The advantages of dc motor controller and ac motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-19

dc motor controller and ac motor controller didn't know there are a lot of customers, the advantages of dc motor controller and ac motor controller exactly what are the different advantages, these advantages for dc motor controller or ac motor controller has a decisive role. Is to realize the dc to dc motor controller and mechanical energy conversion of a motor controller. When run motor controller, it is a dc motor controller, it can take the direct current (dc) can be converted into mechanical energy. And generator controller is a dc generator controller, can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Dc motor consists of two parts, the stator and rotor, air gap. The main characteristics of structure is the armature commutator. The stator dc motor controller is composed of base, main pole, commutating pole, front and back end cover and brush holder, etc. Main pole is dc motor controller is a major component of air-gap magnetic field, it is formed by a permanent magnet or with a dc excitation winding of a laminated core. The armature is made up of two parts: the armature iron core and the armature winding. The armature iron core is made up of silicon steel sheet laminated cylindrical evenly distributed on the slot armature winding embedded in the groove. Commutator is a mechanical rectifier. After will fold into cylindrical, metal or plastic molding as a whole. The insulation between commutator segment. Commutator had a great influence on the quality and reliability. Ac motor controller is used to implement the transformation of mechanical energy and ac motor controller. Because of the grand development of the ac power system, ac motor controller has become the most commonly used motor controller. Compared with the dc motor controller, because there is no commutator, so it has a simple structure, easy fabrication, easy to achieve high speed, large capacity, high voltage, large current. The coverage of the power of ac motor controller is very big. Ac motor controller according to its function is usually divided into ac generator controller, ac motor controller and several kinds of synchronous cameras. Ac motor controller can also be motor as a generator controller and motor. But basically ac motor controller is to run as a motor controller. Ac motor controller and the advantages of dc motor controller is different, every customer's needs are different, our controller used in dc motor and ac motor controller after will be to their advantage is more clear, so you have to choose according to the characteristics of their products need to motor controller, this will make the production more efficient.
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