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Servo motor controller working characteristics and USES

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

the working characteristic of servo motor controller of servo motor performance characterization is based on mechanical properties and regulating characteristics. In the control voltage, load increases, the speed drop; Its feature is the regulation of the load must be, the higher the voltage, the higher the speed also. Servo motor controller has three marked characteristics: ( 1) Big start torque. The rotor conductor resistance being very high, can make the critical slip SM > 1, and the control voltage of the stator, rotor start running immediately. ( 2) Running a wide range. Within the scope of the slip from 0 to 1 can stable operation. ( 3) No rotation phenomenon. Rotation phenomenon destroyed the servo sex, obviously want to avoid. As long as the normal operation of the servo motor controller after losing the control voltage, servo motor is single-phase running state. Because the rotor conductor resistance is large enough, the total electromagnetic torque is always brake torque, when the motor is turned to lose the UK ( The control voltage) , and the resulting torque is negative, 0 of the servo motor controller USES different types of ac servo motor controller with different features. Ac servo motor controller with cage rotor excitation current is small, small volume, high mechanical strength, etc; But lower speed is not stable, have dithering phenomenon. Hollow glass rotor ac servo motor controller has a simple structure, convenient maintenance, small moment of inertia, smooth running, low noise, no radio interference, the advantages of no jitter phenomenon; But the exciting current is larger, the volume is bigger also, the rotor is easy to deformation, performance than dc servo motor. Ac servo motor controller is applicable to 0. 1 - 100 w small power automatic control system, the frequency of 50 hz and 400 hz. Cage rotor ac servo motor for the SL series products. Hollow glass rotor for SK series ac servo motor, running for a smooth system. The choice of servo motor controller compared with dc servo motor controller, ac servo motor controller is relatively take-easy, and has more superior performance, thus get more and more widely used. When choosing servo motor controller, the following should be considered, for better performance of ac servo motor controller.
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