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Mechanical and electrical talk about 'high power dc servo motor controller'

by:Hoprio     2020-07-21

electromechanical small make up today to talk about the topic is 'high power dc servo motor controller. So, today of 'high power dc servo motor controller' referred to in contact with the past to the ac servo motor controller what is the difference? This will note, here to talk about the servo motor controller is a dc servo motor controller. Because of previous technology was not so high, the production of servo motor controller is communication. But at this stage is the rise of the new dc servo motor controller. Previous high-power servo motor controller, due to the size of the power relation, so the corresponding specifications will be much larger, airframe weight nature also weighs a lot. But the emergence of dc servo motor controller for high power dc servo motor controller in the weight, volume is not proportional relationship, namely the motor controller power, size, weight is much smaller. This is a dc servo motor controller can replace ac servo motor controller to become the new popular one of the reasons that the controller. Controller of the dc servo motor control method basically has two kinds: one kind is excitation magnetic field control, namely by changing the size of the field current to change the stator magnetic field intensity, so as to control the speed and output torque of the motor. When the armature voltage control mode is adopted, because the stator magnetic field remains the same, the armature current rating can be achieved, the corresponding output torque can also reach the rating, so this way is also known as constant torque speed way; Another kind is the armature voltage control, that is, in the case of the stator magnetic field is constant, by controlling the applied on both ends of the armature winding voltage signal to control the speed and output torque of the motor; And the excitation control of a magnetic field, magnetic field under rated operating conditions due to the servo motor controller is close to saturation, therefore can only by the method of weakening magnetic field to change the speed of the servo motor controller. Compared with ac servo motor controller, dc servo motor controller is a big advantage to easy speed regulation, high control precision. Advantage 2: small volume, light weight, the output is big, fast response, high speed, small inertia, the rotation smooth, stable torque. Easy to implement intelligent and flexible its electronic commutation, can square wave or sine wave phase commutation. Dc servo motor controller is not free maintenance existence of carbon brush loss, high efficiency, low operating temperature lower noise, electromagnetic radiation is very small, long life, can be used for all kinds of environment. Brand of high power dc servo motor controller has a wide range of USES: (1) on the digital control system of various actuators driven. 2 requires precise control of constant speed or requires precise control speed change curve of driving. In addition, according to the servo motor controller inertia size can be divided into: (1) small inertia dc motor controller - — Automatic drilling machine of PCB diction of inertia dc motor controller, Wide speed dc motor controller) — — Nc machine tool feed system of big inertia dc motor controller (3) - — CNC machine tool spindle motor controller of mechanical and electronic production of high power dc servo motor controller. At present according to request on power, speed, voltage. Welcome to procurement, consulting, brand dc servo motor controller. Calling 13326768788, hole technician
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