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How to turn the brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-25
Brushless motor controller is how to turn? Below small make up for it. In simple terms, is to rely on changing the input to the brushless motor controller on the stator coil of alternating current wave frequency and waveform. Through the winding coil form around an axis of rotation of the magnetic field around the motor controller geometry, make up of permanent magnet magnetic steel rotor, thereby motor controller turns up. The performance of the motor controller not only with the number of magnetic steel, magnetic steel, magnetic flux intensity, and the size of the motor controller input voltage, and many other factors, also had a lot to do with the control performance. Because the input is the direct current, the current need to electronic governor turned it into three phase alternating current (ac), at the same time need to receive control signal from the remote control receiver, realize the speed control of the motor controller, in order to satisfy the use of the model. To sum up, everyone understanding of brushless motor controller is how to turn?
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