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How to reduce the power consumption air purifier?

by:Hoprio     2020-08-05
When observing the world, the rapid industrial development speed is like lightning. The environment at the same time, industrial pollution is quite serious, first when polluted air, and when we breathe in the air, the pollutants will also be inhaled, direct impact on health. So the air purifier was born.

air purifier as a kind of electrical appliances, power supply is needed to work, how to reduce the power consumption air purifier? The answer is to use the brushless dc motor controller for air cleaner motor.

why? Because of brushless dc motor controller by changing the current frequency to improve the efficiency of the control of the motor controller, greatly improve the electric energy inside the motor controller is converted into mechanical kinetic energy efficiency; Realize frequency and current by means of PWM pulse width modulation, is a brushless dc motor controller to enhance the operation efficiency. PWM control of the brushless dc motor controller efficiency is as high as 70 - 90%, doubled efficiency, power consumption reduced by 50%, reducing the power consumption of the air purifier.

air purifier, we need to save energy we also want to save electricity. Air purifier using brushless dc motor controller, can let us both, so why not?
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