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Hoprio, war horse wake up

Hoprio, war horse wake up


The wind is in full swing, and it is a long way to go.

On June 25, 2016, the June in Changzhou was drizzling, as was Jiangnan. During the two-day conference, all the staff of hoprio gathered in the new factory of Hoprio Holding in Wujin High-tech Zone in Changzhou to hold a technical exchange meeting, which was the first shot for this year's record. Hoprio told us by action: starting in 2016, it will be the battlefield of Hoprio.

The motor market is changing rapidly. Hoprio faces the urgent needs of the customer group. The first one is DC brushless frequency conversion as the core technology. The combination of software and hardware is the advantage. The successful development of "high-voltage brushless motor and control technology" has broken the foreign technology blockade and filled The blank of this product in China, this is definitely the leader in the technology industry.

[Figure 1.01 hoprio meeting]

(1) Control technology

The transitional sedimentation of the previous two years has made the chief engineer Yang Yang ready to go, and has made breakthroughs and innovations in brushless motors and controllers.

[Figure 1.02 Chief Engineer Yang Yang]

Yang Yang has a high level of accomplishment in controller development and resolution. The previously developed controller has a large capacitance, a large size, and a limited range of options. But today's controllers have a greater breakthrough, no large capacitors, no Hall, IGBT, which breaks the monopoly of foreign IPM module technology, high-voltage, high-speed, high-current frequency conversion technology to reach the leading level in Europe and America.

[Figure 1.03 Controller Comparison]

(2) High voltage brushless motor

Senior engineer Tang Shihong has optimized the motor step by step, and now can be customized according to market demand, making customers more suitable for our motors. The company's 50 and 70 series meet our hoprio brushless control technology. The 50 series fully supports the parameters of all small household appliances on the market. For example, the power reaches 1000w or more, the speed is up to 20,000 rpm, and the 70 series power range is 500~1500w.

[Figure 2.02 Motor Series]

(A) dedicated / household hair dryer

The 35 and 40 series motors used in special models and household hair dryers have been improved, such as new breakthroughs in technology, design and structure, which make our customers more selective.

[Figure 2.03 hair dryer series]

(B) Power tool industry

Electric hammer, electric pick, angle grinder, cutting machine.

[Figure 2.04 Power Tools Series]

Thanks to the cooperation of the work, hoprio's high-voltage brushless motor and control technology can be perfectly integrated and set a new high. Under their leadership, the R&D team, like the sleeping horses, began to work hard and scream, and with their new achievements, they smashed the difficulties and made the horses in the R&D center more handsome and prosperous in the forward.

Facing the status quo of the enterprise, the company has developed a more perfect procurement system and industrial chain, and proposed strategies to demonstrate the advantages of the enterprise. Sun Huaming, Marketing Manager, has more than 20 years of working experience in the power tool industry. He specifically analyzed the development plan of the electric market industry and brushless products, and combined theoretical and practical methods. Through market research, he summed up the experience. At the same time, we will closely communicate with the R&D team and integrate the social needs to improve the products.

[Figure 3.01 Sales Manager Sun Huaming]

Chairman's speech

According to the current situation of hoprio, hoprio chairman Ding Ruirong (Chairman of Rip Xinke) pointed out: According to the current situation of the industry, solve the three major problems of the enterprise: strategic issues, personnel issues, and technical upgrading issues.

[Figure 4.01 hoprio chairman Ding Ruirong]


Note: [hoprio Holdings, will start the Yongkang exhibition in September, the Shanghai Hardware Exhibition in October will soon be available to everyone, to understand hoprio more closely, understand the brushless motor and control technology. 】

Technology upgrade seminar

The special-purpose and household-type blow-off machines are fully developed under the premise of equipment, development support, procurement and other organizational systems in place. Within two months, the R&D team produces complete motors and sells them in the market.

The 50/70 series power tools are suitable for electric picks, electric hammers, angle grinders and cutting machines under the premise of high power and large speed. The hoprio motor is close to the market series of 46/72/94, and can be customized according to market demand.


Personnel discussion

We have a professional team that is fully responsible and connected to the market. Shenzhen's small partners will form a team to return to Changzhou, through the research and development in Changzhou, can better understand the market, in line with internal production, external needs.

At the same time, Recruitment, friends who have the ability to have dreams, always welcome you to join us TEAM!


Strategic discussion

- Set up hoprio, don't forget the heart

Hoprio leads the market and requires brand standards. Our motors can be customized to meet the needs of the market based on market choices. Let hoprio motor face the mid-end products, the volume is large, and it is closer to the lives of the masses.

[Figure 5.01 Luo Zong]

General Luo finally pointed out: Under the correct leadership, we must unite and fight hard, meet the difficulties, clarify development goals, improve the skill level, adjust the development strategy in time, and prepare for hoprio's tomorrow.

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