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2023 Lingshang Conference Hoprio signed major projects

2023 Lingshang Conference Hoprio signed major projects


On September 27, the second Lingshang Business Conference in 2023 was held in Wenling, with the theme of "Pursuing the dream of 'Two cities and two Lakes' jointly linking Wenling's future". Further gather the wisdom and strength of global Lingshang, promote the strong chain and high-quality development of Wenling industry, and strive to write a new chapter of "two cities and two lakes". Hoprio Power Technology (Zhejiang) Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Hoprio Holdings, was invited to attend the conference.

At the meeting, 54 major projects such as industrial attraction, industry-university-research cooperation, high-end talent entrepreneurship, and industrial funds were signed, including 36 major industrial attraction projects, 9 industry-university-research cooperation projects, 5 talent entrepreneurship projects, and 4 fund projects. It involves not only traditional industries such as pumps and motors, shoes and hats, but also emerging industries such as semiconductors and controllers and laser electronic information. Hoprio Power Technology participated in the signing ceremony of major projects. At the same time, Zhejiang high-speed deep well pump brand alliance with Hoprio no "capacity" no "sense" and "nuclear" core technology as the core was officially established, and 60000 square meters of frequency conversion technology fluid dynamic industrial park is about to begin construction.


Hoprio Power Technology (Zhejiang) Co., LTD., affiliated to Hoprio Holding Group, relies on the group's global frequency conversion industry chain incubation base, has no "capacity" or "sense" frequency conversion core "core" inventor advantages, integrates Wenling's industrial structure and the company's drive system, machine application, water components, fluid power supporting technology advantages, to build a fluid power low-carbon ecosystem. Fully enable deep well pumps and other industrial clusters.

Hoprio Power Technology no electrolytic capacitor permanent magnet high-speed deep well pump, original permanent magnet motor + frequency conversion control system built-in installation structure, through the use of high voltage permanent magnet motor drive, to solve the problem of harmonic control, to achieve energy saving and emission reduction. The weight is only one fourth of the ordinary same power products, the height is only one third of the ordinary same power products, and the control system volume is only one third of the traditional frequency conversion controller. The speed covers 6000-10700 RPM, breaking through the technical bottleneck of 2 ", 3 ", 4 "high-speed deep well pump 0.37-3KW. The same specification of the same flow head height is only 50% of the traditional pump, and the same power performance is increased by more than 30% compared with the traditional variable frequency high-speed pump.

After this signing, Hoprio Holding Group will rely on the advanced frequency conversion power control technology first-mover advantage, open to the entire industry to share, mutual inspiration and win-win, for the deep well pump, fan and other key industries in Taizhou region depth empowerment, the use of "digital +", "Internet +", "design +", "standardization +" and other international standards technology, Promote the transformation and upgrading of the pump industry and intelligent development, maximize the reduction of the production, procurement, decision-making, trial and error costs of the entire fluid power industry in Taizhou, and help customers find a new path to success with the least cost.

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