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Hoprio Industrial Grade and Raiyon Professional Grade Brushless Power Tools were unveiled at the Mitex

Hoprio Industrial Grade and Raiyon Professional Grade Brushless Power Tools were unveiled at the Mitex


The 2023 Russian International Hardware Tools Exhibition- MITEX will be held at the Ruby Pavilion in Moscow from November 7th to 10th. This time, Hoprio power Tools bring industrial-grade brushless power tools and the blockbuster new product Raiyon professional-grade brushless Angle grinder exhibited.


At this exhibition, in addition to bringing industrial-grade brushless power tools, Raiyon also exhibited for the first time the Raiyon professional-grade brushless angle grinder specially developed for light grinding, which combines economical processing and high efficiency. Its higher metal grinding rate and high-voltage brushless frequency conversion intelligent control system provide stable performance under working conditions, making it a more cost-effective choice under comprehensive evaluation.


Hoprio's products display attracted many new and old customers to come for consultation and negotiation. Raiyon's sales team warmly received each customer and patiently explained the product's technical features and application scenarios to customers.


Compared with Hoprio industrial-grade brushless angle grinder, Raiyon professional grade brushless angle grinder focuses more on light grinding. Based on the success of past standard-size brushless angle grinders, the brushless angle grinder handle It is thinner, lighter in weight and smaller in size, which greatly reduces the burden of users working for a long time.


As the leader of brushless power tools, Hoprio have a built-in high-voltage brushless frequency intelligent control system independently developed by Huapin. It is equipped with safety protection systems such as soft start, power-off protection, and overload protection. Compared with ordinary grinding tools, it realizes work The efficiency is increased by 30% and the grinding disc is saved by 35%, which greatly shortens the delivery cycle and reduces the company's operating costs.


Hoprio will be committed to improving product research and development capabilities, brand strength, and after-sales service levels, further exploring the international market, and providing customers with more satisfactory services.

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