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Electrical and mechanical professional explanation: traditional brushless dc motor is the difference between the controller and BLDC motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

traditional brushless dc motor controller and power supply are dc brushless dc motor controller, the difference is brushless dc motor control is used to reversing driving circuit to replace the brush and commutator. Rotor magnetic pole, the stator armature, drive in the stator winding current commutation, similar to the ac induction motor controller. Below for mechanical and electrical professional explanation of traditional brushless dc motor controller and BLDC motor controller: the difference between the traditional have a commutation of brushless dc motor controller has been through graphite brush and mounted on the rotor commutator ring in contact. While by hall sensor brushless dc motor controller put back the rotor position feedback control circuit, allow them to learn the exact time of the motor controller phase commutation. Most of the brushless motor controller manufacturers production positioning controller has three hall effect sensors. Because of brushless dc motor controller without brush, so also does not have relevant interface, therefore more clean, less noise, in fact, no maintenance, longer life. Foshan brand of brushless dc motor controller, 42, 57, 86, 110 series brushless motor controller driving voltage range: 12 VDC - The 310 VDC power is wide: 20 w - 2000W; : wide speed range and conventional speed 3000 RPM, up to 20000 RPM, speed high stability, high efficiency, low temperature rise, positioning torque is small, smooth operation, noise, small vibration. Compared with existing products in the market, the introduction of Germany advanced technology, brushless dc motor controller brushless motor controller, electric energy conversion rate above 90%, 50% more energy efficient. Low noise to 55 db, meet the acceptance standard of environmental protection of domestic. Installation operation significantly than the traditional brush dc motor controller is simple, save time and cost, less vibration and longer working life. So the brushless motor controller products are widely applied to factory automation, medical apparatus, solar equipment, such as smart home devices. More about traditional brushless dc motor is the difference between the controller and BLDC motor controller, can focus on dynamic http://www. tcmotor。 com
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