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Dc motor controller is how to avoid the jam

by:Hoprio     2020-07-22

dc motor controller is a type of motor controller, with good performance, so it is used by the masses of users. But the equipment is in use after a period of time will appear problem, dc motor controller is not exceptional also, especially in dc motor controller congestion. So how to avoid dc motor controller is blocked? Below small make up to explain. 1. To ensure the safe operation of the key equipment. According to certain proportion the catalyst injection, and require injection time can't more than 15 rain stopped, or you will make the melt viscosity and the decrease of the quality of the product. In order to ensure smooth running of a dc motor controller, take some guarantee measures. 2. Replace lubricating oil and wear parts on a regular basis. Its moving parts often have worm, worm wheel, slider, set the new piston and so on. These parts wear leads to flow on the lower or no motor controller, so after found these parts wear to timely replacement. 3. Strict operation procedures. When to start and stop according to the using requirements. When it starts, to guarantee the zero output drive motor controller, wait for the export of dc motor controller has a certain pressure to the regulated nitrogen inflator, avoid diaphragm rupture.
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