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Brushless motor controller has what kind of characteristics and work principle

by:Hoprio     2020-07-16

brushless dc motor controller has the following characteristics: 1, the external characteristic of brushless dc motor controller, can under the low speed high torque output, makes it can provide large starting torque; 2, wide range of the speed of brushless dc motor controller, any speed can run at full power. 3, controller of brushless dc motor with high efficiency, strong overload capacity, makes it have excellent performance in drag system; 4, controller of brushless dc motor regenerative braking effect is good, because of its rotor is permanent magnetic material, when braking motor controller can enter the generator controller state; 5, brushless dc motor controller of small size, high power density. 6, no mechanical commutator, brushless dc motor controller adopts fully enclosed structure, can prevent dust from entering the motor controller, high reliability; 7, brushless dc motor controller is easier than drive control of induction motor controller. Working principle of the brushless dc motor controller, controller of brushless dc motor stator coil winding is the armature and the rotor is a permanent magnet. If only to motor controller with fixed dc current, the motor controller can only produce constant magnetic field, the motor controller can't turn, only real-time detecting the position of the rotor motor controller, according to the position of the rotor to motor controller communicates with the corresponding current, make the rotating magnetic field of the stator produce uniform direction changes, motor controller can follow magnetic field rotation.
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