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Brushless motor controller: a lot of smaller size to provide considerable power

by:Hoprio     2020-07-16

the brushless motor controller can be instead of a dc motor controller, the three major advantages of using ac asynchronous motor controller is summarized as: one is the efficiency, the second is controllable, and three is durability of high and low noise. Mechanical and electrical co. , LTD. , the interpretation of the following: a: brushless motor controller can be rotated to the maximum power ( Torque) Under continuous rotation. Compared brushless dc motor controller, only in some point of the rotating brush motor controller provides maximum torque. Despite the motor controller can provide the same torque as the brushless motor controller, but have greater magnetic motor controller need, this means that the smaller size of the brushless motor controller can provide considerable power. 2: feedback system can be used to control the brushless motor controller, to provide the required torque and rotational speed. If by battery power brushless motor controller, the precise control can reduce and heat loss, helps to extend battery life. 3: no carbon brush brushless motor controller can provide higher durability and low electrical noise. For a brush motor controller, the carbon brush and commutator, due to the movement of the continuous contact wear and may be produced in contact with edm. Usually these spark gap in the carbon brush through commutator, larger sparks can cause electrical noise. If the motor controller is used in the quieter occasions, such as hospitals, then it will need to be considered in the design to the motor controller electrical noise factors, and in this regard, brushless motor controller is preferable.
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