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What are the main purpose of the motor controller?

by:Hoprio     2020-07-19

1 controller, servo motor, servo motor controller is widely used in various kinds of control system, can convert the input voltage signal on the shaft of motor controller mechanical output, drag the control element, so as to achieve the control purpose. Have a dc and ac servo motor controller, the earliest is general of dc motor, servo motor controller under the condition of the control accuracy is not high, only using general controller of dc motor servo motor. Structurally, dc servo motor controller is small power dc motor controller, its excitation controlled by the armature and field control, but is usually controlled by the armature. 2, stepper motor controller stepping motor controller is mainly used in the field of nc machine tool manufacturing, due to the stepper motor don't need A/D conversion, can be directly to digital pulse signal into angular displacement, therefore has long been regarded as the most ideal CNC machine actuators. In addition to the application of nc machine tools, step motor controller can also be used in other machinery, such as automatic feeder of the motor, as a general purpose of the floppy disk drive motor, can also be applied in the printer and plotter. 3, torque motor controller, torque motor controller has the characteristics of low speed and large torque. Generally in the textile industry often use ac torque motor controller, its working principle and structure of single-phase asynchronous motor and controller of the same. 4, switched reluctance motor controller switched reluctance motor controller is a new type of speed regulating motor controller, the structure is simple and strong, low cost and high performance is excellent, strong competitors, is a traditional control motor controller has great market potential. 5, brushless dc motor controller of brushless dc motor controller mechanical properties and the characteristics of the adjustment good linearity, wide speed range, long service life, convenient maintenance noise small, does not exist a series of problems caused by brush, so this kind of motor controller in the control system has a great application. 6, dc motor controller dc motor controller has good speed regulation performance and the advantages of starting easily, can load starting, so the dc motor controller is still widely used, especially in the coming of SCR dc power. 7, asynchronous motor controller for induction motor controller has a simple structure, manufacture, use and maintenance is convenient, reliable operation and quality is small, low cost advantages. Asynchronous motor controller mainly are widely used in the drive machine, water pump, fan, compressor, lifting lifting equipment, mining machinery, light industrial machinery, agricultural and sideline products processing machinery, etc. Most of the workers and peasants production machinery, household appliances and medical devices, etc. Used in household appliances, such as electric fans, refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, etc. 8, synchronous motor controller synchronous motor controller is mainly used in heavy machinery, such as fan, water pump, compressor, rolling mill, ball mill and small, micro instruments and equipment, or act as control element. The three-phase synchronous motor controller is its main body. In addition, still can be used when the condenser, the grid inductive or capacitive reactive power.
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