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The provisions of the electromechanical share motor controller protection grade

by:Hoprio     2020-07-22
electrical motor controller the provisions of the protection grade: protection grade of the motor controller system standard is drafted by the international organization for standardization IEC, the electrical appliances in accordance with the classification of the dustproof, moisture proof properties. IP protection grade is composed of two Numbers, the first number said electrical dust, the level of the external things out, referring to foreign object includes tools, human fingers do not come into contact with the electrical part of charged within; Second number said electric moisture proof, waterproof airtight degree, the greater the number said the higher degree of protection. Motor controller is the most commonly used protection class is IP23, IP44 and IP54, motor controller with different levels of protection apply to the use of different operating conditions. IP23 motor controller of the end cover and frame can both inside and outside the heat-sink window that appear, this kind of motor controller applies to in a clean, dry and ventilated cooling conditions using a better environment, but some customers did not take into account the applicable condition of motor controller and chose the motor controller. Especially in a conductive dust environment using the motor controller, and is very unsafe. Once the conductive dust enters the motor controller winding, affect motor controller winding ventilation cooling at the same time, it is easy to cause electrical short circuit fault, the serious influence the service life of the motor controller. Therefore, the user to select motor controller, must match with the actual working condition. Motor controller commonly used protective sample protection grade mark 'IP' and characterized by letter attached to the back of two representation of Numbers. The first characteristic figures show that the shell for people and the items within the shell protection grade 0 - — No protective motor controller without special protective does not make the test. 1 - — Protection is greater than 50 mm solid motor controller can prevent widespread human accident accidentally hit or close to the shell charged or rotating parts. To prevent greater than 50 mm diameter solid foreign body into the shell. 2 - — Protection is more than 12 mm solid motor controller, which can prevent greater than 12 mm diameter solid foreign body into the shell. 3 - — Protection greater than 2. 5 mm solid motor controller, which can prevent the diameter greater than 2. 5 mm tool or wire hit or close to shell charged or rotating parts. 4 - — Protection is greater than 1 mm solid motor controller, which can prevent the diameter or thickness is greater than 1 mm wire or strip hit or close to shell charged or rotating parts. 5 - — Dust motor controller carry water splashing in any direction should be no harmful effects. Mechanical and electrical company's protection grade conventional brushless motor controller is IP44, 54 according to require a higher degree of protection, such as IP55. Details can focus on the mechanical and electrical website WWW. tcmotor。 com
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