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The new release: exterior rotor brushless dc motor controller B2410S!

by:Hoprio     2020-08-07
Motor controller is a small new exterior rotor brushless dc motor controller, and is mainly used in breathing masks, gas masks, wearable air purification products. Volume is very small, the motor controller can well meet the demand of the installation of this kind of product, and light weight, the scheme of low voltage start just use power batteries, reduce overall weight products, easy to carry.

the above the exterior rotor brushless motor controller is used to load a small breathing mask products in particular, there are two same structure of brushless motor controller B3020S and B3725S, performance is strong, can be applied to the load torque and power slightly larger classes use breathing machine. They are flat structure, double to optional, speed and locking function is optional. Low voltage power supply and low electromagnetic interference, can direct contact with the human body, ensuring security.
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