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The motor controller B90A0M to launch new products

by:Hoprio     2020-08-09
In order to meet the needs of customers, we uphold the & quot; Technological and management innovation and development, keep improving & quot; And under the effective leadership of the company, we following B2838 and B3630M, has now launched a B90A0M, below small make up out of function, performance and application field to introduce the product.
1, electric cars, electric wheel hub, electric wheelchair
2, household appliances, white goods, small appliances, electric fans, electric curtain
3, electric tools, electric screwdriver, electric drill, gas compressor
4, industrial equipment, power and transmission equipment
5, personal care, massager
features: double turn signal function, locking protection, low inertia, low noise, low electromagnetic interference, long life 10000 hours

it is worth mentioning that this product than we before a few product in power is larger, the product's power is 10 w to 350 w, high power users to find a good solution for us.
performance parameter list:

now electric car has been looking for this product we ordered. This product has obtained a good reputation.

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