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The encoder type brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-17

brushless motor controller encoder type brushless motor controller, recently very hot a motor controller, the reason is the brushless motor controller with small size, large torque, overload capacity is strong, speed stability, long life, can communication, can the advantages of the control, is a typical electromechanical integration of the motor controller. In automation trend increasingly development today, brushless motor controller than drive motor controller has the congenital advantage, so inevitably became a popular motor current controller. Brushless motor controller and the servo motor controller, stepper motor controller, can support the communication protocol, at the same time, also supports the installation of encoder. What is the role of the encoder? Simple speaking, is for the speed of the motor controller for precise detection, or know how much motor controller, means can make accurate positioning for the operation of the motor controller. The brushless motor controller can add what type of encoder? The following will discuss together with you. Encoder is the most common type of brushless motor controller of hall encoder, generally in the rotor of motor controller, there are three monitoring stations, for every 120 °, can be simple and easy speed monitoring and feedback. But low precision, suitable for high accuracy is not needed, but need to know about the speed of the user. The second is the incremental encoder, the encoder is brushless motor controller can be equipped with one of the most precise encoder, incremental encoder is converting displacement into periodic signal, and then convert the electrical signals into count pulse, expressed in the number of pulse displacement, the size of the main role is to monitor the speed of the brushless motor controller and know how many circuits of the motor controller. Advantage is precision is very high, but the cost is relatively high. The third is a simple type magnetic, general accuracy for the 1000 line, the precision is not high incremental, but is much better than the hall encoder, cost is much lower, than the incremental encoder is commonly used in batch production of devices. Customers in choosing a brushless motor controller encoder type, need to choose according to their own actual need, after all, the encoder is installed components, for motor control, more precise if you don't need precise control of equipment, there is no need to add the encoder, cost savings.
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