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Stepper motor in the attention points in the process of selection

by:Hoprio     2020-07-25
1. Should be to choose after motor drive.

2. Stepper motor step had better not use the whole state, the state step vibration.

3. Big moment of inertia of the load should choose motor frame size larger.

4. Stepper motor should not work in vibration zone, if must by changing the voltage current or add some damping.

5. Stepper motor in the high speed and large inertia loads, generally not starting in her work, and use frequency speed gradually rise, a step motor do not break, 2 can reduce the noise at the same time can improve the positioning precision of the stop.

6. In 600, PPS ( 0. 9 degrees) The following work, should use small current, large inductance, low voltage to drive.
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