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Special dc motor controller, electric curtain A brush brushless variety choice!

by:Hoprio     2020-08-07
According to the Chinese intelligent household equipment industry development environment and market demand forecast analysis report preview 'estimates, 2011 - In 2020, is China's intelligent household industry integration period, all fields will get rapid development, and to enter the industry mergers and acquisitions, a significant industry level. Electric door curtain as the main application of intelligent household shading system, in life and business is very popular, have developed into a scale of the industry. Only with the improvement of the degree of smart home, need to upgrade, to switch to the trend of the brushless motor controller is more obvious.

electric curtains dc motor controller mainly has two kinds:
D2238M have dc motor controller, which is only a motor controller, brush adds to the motor controller are adopted in the whole life, but compared with the brushless motor controller has more price advantage; Of course because it is still a brush motor controller, so no other additional features. Typical parameters are: voltage DC12V, load speed 3812 RPM, the output power of 3. 9 w, 9 load torque. 8mNm。

B2838M brushless dc motor controller, and other brushless motor controller, low noise, low electromagnetic interference, is equipped with a built-in drive, take control, signal feedback, locking protection function, suitable for intelligent degree higher electric curtain products. Typical parameters: voltage DC12V, load speed 3508 RPM, the output power of 4. 4 w, 12 MNM load torque.

of course, the electric door curtain species is numerous, the above performance cannot meet all customer requirements. Our company can provide selection and customized service, as far as possible, recommend our existing brushless motor controller models to meet the requirements of people.
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