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Simple talk about TROY motor drives

by:Hoprio     2020-07-24
DBS series motor points: four 20 w, 40 w 60 w, 100 w output wattage

input voltage: DC24V plus or minus 10%

the installation dimensions: 20 w / 40 w 60 mm; 60 w / 100 w / 90 mm

speed adjusting range: 250 ~ 3000 RPM

in detail: TROY brushless dc Taiwan original imported a full range of products. Have a beautiful performance is remarkable characteristic. Can completely replace the Japanese Oriental motor used. TROY brushless motor series is divided into five series, each series has different power and different input voltage. The DBS series used DC24V input voltage, more suitable for the use of traditional DC motor has a regular maintenance of carbon brush wear due or fear of disturbance caused by the carbon brush wear, noise, dust and other occasions to use, apply to the use of the DC power supply occasions.

main features: * used DC24V power supply into force, there is no safety and voltage problem.

* have the same servo motor torque characteristics, high torque at low speed constant. Variable speed range, high speed stability.

* high efficiency, low temperature rise, save power consumption, save money.

* motor without carbon brush wear, maintenance-free, won't produce dust, interference.

* the function is all ready, have a slow start, slow stop, electronic brake, speed control, internal and external are reverse function.

* 60 w / 100 w with special 9 d - series high strength reducer, maximum permissible torque to 400 KGCM.

TROY brushless motor DBS series points four not power.

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