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Several kinds of classification of the armature winding of dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-27
The armature winding is part of the dc motor controller, need to produce as much as possible of electromotive force, and has a good waveform. Still need a simple structure and reliable connection. Common armature winding generally has the following categories: 1. Laminated winding, can be divided into single layer laminated and laminated winding. 2. Wave winding, can be divided into shan bo and complex wave windings. 3. Breaststroke winding, which is a composite winding and wave winding. 4. Stacked winding, through in the dc motor controller in series connection of two components, make a component after the terminal part of the tightly stacked on the former terminal of a component part, forming a folding way forward winding. Above is the introduction of the armature winding dc motor controller, if you want to learn about other content, and can focus on our website.
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