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Quickly understand the brushless motor controller is how to operate

by:Hoprio     2020-07-28
Speaking of brushless motor controller, I don't know how my friends know. Today's version will bring you some knowledge about the brushless motor controller. We might as well learn together. In short, by changing the input to the stator winding brushless motor controller of the current wave of ac frequency and waveform, formed around the windings around the motor controller geometry axis of rotating magnetic field. Magnetic drive the permanent magnets on the rotor rotates, brushless motor controller. The performance of the brushless motor controller and the number of magnetic steel, magnetic flux intensity, the input voltage of the motor controller. It also brushless motor controller and the control performance has much to do, because the input is a dc current, current need electronic governor transform it into a three-phase alternating current, also need to receive the remote control receiver control signals to control the speed of brushless motor controller, in order to satisfy the demands of the use of the model, the definition of the idle speed brushless motor controller is KV value multiplied by the input voltage, which explains why the speed of the inner rotor motor controller is higher than the outer rotor brushless motor speed controller.
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