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How to judge's brush brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-17

a brush brushless motor controller is how to determine the brushless motor controller and motor controller, as two major categories, dc motor controller has gradually spread to all walks of life. Light industry machinery, packaging machine, conveyor, AGV car, logistics conveyor belt, automated machinery, coffee machine, a dishwasher, etc. , from production to life, everywhere is a dc motor controller. So how to judge a brush motor controller or brushless motor controller? First, look from the appearance, in fact, both appearance and there is no difference, even can make it can be the same, but the brushless motor controller for cancelled the physical carbon brush, save a lot of space, so the same power, the brushless motor controller than to have a small brush motor controller on a third. Function, the motor controller USES is the physical, only need the power supply to the motor controller, motor controller will be according to the rated speed, operation and brushless motor controller USES a digital signal to dc after a first drive, give the signal by the driver and electricity to the brushless motor controller to rotate, brushless motor controller drives industry generally larger, can only be separated, the civil level of brushless motor controller because of its simple function requirements, no programming communication, many are integrated into a small circuit board internal jacket to the motor controller to save space. Use, has the motor controller is proved to be more convenient, the electricity can be used, but the speed, or the possibility of operating in accordance with established is low, and the physical carbon brush wear in high speed quickly, high noise, easy to produce sparks, can not be used in places that have requirements of safety requirements, physical once wear, carbon brush maintenance difficulties, replace carbon brush is the cost of buying a new one. In 2000 hours to reach maximum life. The brushless motor controller need to drive to use, more complex, but can be directly through the drive speed, can also be through the communication protocol for remote operation and monitoring, and since there is no physical wear of carbon brush, no spark, low noise, high safety, life is generally more than 5000 hours. Easy maintenance, only need to do on the surface of the dust removal process, without refueling cumbersome steps, such as basically achieve free maintenance level. So the judge's brush brushless motor controller, the most important thing is to look to whether have physical carbon brush, the appearance is difficult to determine, as long as have the drive, it must be the brushless motor controller.
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