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How to choose the suitable power brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

how to choose appropriate power brushless motor controller of the brushless motor controller power size to choose a correct brushless motor controller is very important, is about the whole life of equipment can normal operation and motor controller. Often encounter some customers in the selection or instances of see don't know how to choose the power size, brushless motor controller today as the fields of electricity demand is not in the enhancement, including micro gear motor controller, dc deceleration motor controller, three-phase asynchronous motor controller and so on the motor controller more types of products into the industry. Customers on the choice of these products are very easy to ignore some of the basic problems, such as the choice of the size of the power brushless motor controller is a important content, because power don't match each other, if it is to choose not only caused the low efficiency, and can lead to unnecessary energy waste, Choose the small words will lead to a motor controller with fixed, the problem such as motor controller overheating burn. 1, the choice of power brushless motor controller cannot too small, or enough power to support will because of insulating heat and cause the damage of the brushless motor controller products. 2, brushless motor controller of power output selection is too large and will cause too much resulting in the waste electricity. 3, when choose the brushless motor controller power users should try to put the peak torque of short-term need as a important reference index, if the peak torque can not meet the requirements, the current is likely to trigger the over-current protection.
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