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Excessive sparking of brush dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-29
Dc motor controller in use, will always appear some problems, such as excessive sparking brush, etc. , resulting in the use of motor controller is affected. The cause of excessive sparking brush dc motor controller. 1. Due to the mechanical and electrical is not neutral line, thus leading to excessive sparking brush. 2. Due to improper selection or commutator poor contact electric pressure, thus leading to excessive sparking brush. 3. Due to the commutator surface is not smooth or mica sheet bulging, therefore lead to excessive sparking brush. Above several is leading to some of the reasons for excessive sparking brush dc motor controller, and for this case we can adjust the dc motor controller's approach has a pole position, adjust electric pressure, grinding electric and commutator interface, grinding, under carved mica slot commutator surface and so on.
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