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Control of brushless dc motor controller and reversing

by:Hoprio     2020-07-19

control brushless dc motor controller and reversing many clients at the time of purchase of brushless dc motor controller is concerned about a problem, is the brushless dc motor controller can be positive and negative turn? Is how to realize the positive and negative. Actually brushless dc motor controller, the controller and the vast majority of the motor can be positive &negative, with the ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor controller or single-phase motor controller is different, only need to be replaced by ordinary motor controller can achieve positive &negative wiring way, and the reversal of the brushless dc motor controller is need by the drive, the following to introduce the method to control the brushless dc motor controller is reversed. Brushless dc motor controller and general dc motor with the same working principle and application characteristics, and its composition is not the same, the commutation of the brushless dc motor controller consists of two parts, drive and control circuits, it is not easy to separate the two parts, especially small power circuit will usually both integrated into a single application-specific integrated circuit. Want to brushless dc motor controller to reverse, the first to know the brushless dc motor controller with the ordinary induction motor controller is different, cannot directly change the winding line, you also need to change the hole line. If it is directly in the drive switching logic sequence, general measures is sub F/R and low level. Motor controller focus on research and development production of brushless dc motor controller, has a professional research and development technical team, professional solutions related technical problems in brushless dc motor controller, welcome friends from all walks of life to come to consult.
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