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China entered the brushless motor controller rapid development era

by:Hoprio     2020-07-17

China into an era of rapid development of brushless motor controller brushless dc system consists of brushless motor controller of main body and brushless drive, is a new type of electromechanical integration products. Because of the brushless motor controller is self-control type operation, when the load mutation so generate oscillation and step out, has a high operating stability. The stator winding brushless motor controller for balanced three-phase y connection, with three-phase asynchronous motor controller is very similar. Brushless motor controller with has the magnetization of the permanent magnet on the rotor, in order to detect the polarity of the motor rotor, within the motor with position sensor ( Many for hall sensor) 。 Brushless drive consists of power electronic devices and integrated circuits, etc, its functions are: to receive the brushless motor controller, start, stop, braking signal to control the start and stop of the brushless motor controller and brake; Receiving position sensor signals and positive &negative, used to control the inverter bridge on and off of each power tube produce continuous torque; Receives the speed instruction and speed feedback signal, which is used to control and adjust the speed; To provide protection and display, and so on. For brushless dc motor controller has the characteristics of a dc motor controller, as well as the frequency change device, the international general term for BLDC. Motors Controller of brushless dc motor with high efficiency operation, large torque at low speed, high speed precision is better than the controller of three-phase asynchronous frequency conversion motor performance, and gradually become the current industry in the development of one of the preferred motor controller. Brushless motor controller in the development of our time is short, but as the technology increasingly mature and perfect got rapid development. Has been used in model aircraft, medical equipment, household appliances, electric cars, and other fields is widely used, and in the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and other places to form certain scale industrial chain. Such as small motor controller is located in foshan, a group of professional manufacturers, constantly promote the industry development in technology. In recent years, the brushless motor controller become a rapid development in the field of the model of a kind of power. Because of production and price, over the past few years brushless motor controller used in high-grade aviation model, now due to the rapid development of machining technology, brushless motor controller of lower production costs a lot of, it is to enter every level, in the field of industrial automated production machinery to medical equipment to the robot, and other fields, everywhere is the figure of the brushless motor controller. Chinese industry is in the midst of the brushless motor controller drives the industry transformation and upgrading of the explosion.
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