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Brushless motor controller overcomes the shortcomings

by:Hoprio     2020-07-26
Brushless motor controller for no brush, therefore overcomes the drawback of a brush motor controller. So has the shortcomings of brush motor controller? Below small make up for it. 1. Friction, loss is big, this is a motor controller to use after a period of time will encounter the problem, need to open the motor controller to clean up the carbon brush of the controller, time-consuming and laborious. 2. Fever is big, life is short, this is because its structure reason, brush and commutator of the contact resistance is bigger, overall resistance is bigger, easy to heat. If the temperature is too high, then will be demagnetization magnetic steel, the motor controller performance degradation, and affect the service life of a brush motor controller. 3. Low efficiency, output power is small, because there are problems fever brush motor controller, in large part because the current on the internal resistance of the motor controller to doing work, so lead to a large part of electric energy is converted to heat, resulting in a motor controller output is not big, the efficiency is not high also. Above is overcome by brushless motor controller has the defects of brush motor controller.
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