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Brushless motor controller is applied on the instrument

by:Hoprio     2020-07-19

the brushless motor controller applied in instrument on the brushless motor controller has many advantages, small volume, high efficiency, energy-saving, large torque, high speed, as well as mute and low interference performance, makes the brushless motor controller has been widely applied in many industries. The brushless on instrument application is successful. Instrumentation equipment, such as the extensive use of the cooling fan, ever outside substructure of the single-phase asynchronous motor drive way, its large volume and weight, low efficiency. In recent years it has been completely driven by brushless motor controllers replaced brushless fan. The rapid development of modern information such as the various computer equipment is always use the fan brushless motor controller. In recent years, the use of brushless motor controller fan has formed a complete series of specifications, frame size from 15 a total of 12 mm to 120 mm, the thickness of the framework has a total of 7 to 18 mm 6 mm, a dc voltage specification 1. 5 v and 3 v, 5 v, 12 v, 24 v, 48 v, speed range from 2100 RPM to 14000 RPM, divided into low speed, medium speed, high speed and ultra-high speed four, life 30000 hours, the motor controller is exterior rotor brushless motor controller. In recent years, the practice shows that the power is not more than 10 kw and continuous operation, to reduce volume and save material, improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption and other factors, a growing number of asynchronous motor driven by brushless motor controller is gradually replaced. And in the power of the larger situation, because of its high cost and investment, in addition to the permanent magnetic material, bigger and power drive, so also fewer applications. At the same time, the brushless motor controller itself with drive, so in the application of instrument and meter industry, can reduce the cost of additional development drive and controller. Is kill two birds with one stone of it, so the brushless motor controller in recent years can be very successful in instrument industry application.
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