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Brushless motor controller, good product, don't fool

by:Hoprio     2020-07-22

the brushless motor controller series products with high efficiency and energy saving, low noise, little vibration, large starting torque, etc. Protection grade, high insulation level. Brushless motor controller is widely used in fans, pumps, machine tools, compressors, transport aircraft, machinery and other general machinery and equipment, can also be in petroleum, chemical, steel, mining and other bad scenario USES. Dare say brushless motor controller, good product, don't fool, see below detailed comprehensive understanding of the brushless motor controller: one: real copper, copper movement, the source of power, motor controller good heart; Two: cold-rolled silicon steel, cold rolled silicon steel sheet, has good toughness, strength and abrasion resistance. Three: stainless steel bearings, high strength stainless steel casting, long life, low friction coefficient, high flexible joints. 4: a molding, casting material is higher than ordinary casing hardness, better heat dissipation, durable bones. What is a brushless optical axis motor controller? Brushless optical axis of the motor controller is the controller output shaft as the axis, the axis without keyway, adjustable speed with the drive. According to the customer application need to add precision planetary reducer, a turbine reducer was needed to achieve the purpose of. Selection of brushless motor controller, such as plague, can be directly related to customer service, or directly call can be. Choose brushless motor controller is your clear choice, because it contains seven advantages: ( 1) Low noise: using high precision gear hobbing machine and AAA high-grade precision helical gear hob processing, precision as high as IT5 - Level 6; Precision CNC machining, concentricity, high location precision of IT6 level; Box corners with double column in the form of high structure rigidity, even if used in high load conditions and solid deformation, small vibration. ( 2) Long life: gear material is made of senior molybdenum alloy steel and after nitriding process, ensure the gear form hard tough, wear-resistant teeth won't crack; Reducer all equipped with ball bearing; Right-angle reducer adopts Grayson solitary tooth structure, transmission torque, the bearing capacity can reach 2 - general products Three times, strong and durable; Reducer fill advanced nanometer antiwear lubricating grease; ( 3) High reliability: the computer optimization design of the electromagnetic system, the motor controller operates with high efficiency, low temperature; Using F 180 C enameled wire and insulation materials, safety margin; Using low loss silicon steel sheet and precision stamping technology, high precision and low loss; ( 4) Easy installation: reducer mounted with internal thread standard, at the same time within the set stainless steel screw, convenient installation, thread is not easy to damage; Embedded cancel reducer output shaft bearing convex platform, can be directly installed close to the surface, no need to worry about big hole processing installation surface and; ( 5) Safety is beautiful: miniature IP44 junction box protection grade, wiring, replacement, more convenient, safer, more beautiful, more clean and tidy, make your product better accord with the standard installation; After the special craft processing the surface of the regent senior noble blue painting again, more show delicate and elegant; Can provide the 3 c, CE certification, security more secure. ( 6) Good to neutral, if overload, motor controller optical axis skids can prevent damage of the motor controller, etc. ( 7) Rich models: motor controller frame are: 57,86,110. Power: w - 6 3000W。 Note a brushless motor controller, do not carry motor controller to lead controller 2, under the conditions of brushless motor controller electricity not call waiting three plug, please don't make the motor controller, motor controller and collision, there are such to happen, even though at that time, you can use the motor controller will not be able to guarantee the quality of the four, please customers to confirm the motor controller in the actual assembly condition, five, motor controller to verify the applicability of the actual use of overvoltage and overheating, reversal and external noise without protection notice when using six breakdown of motor controller cannot be used in the assembly seven, the company for the brushless motor controller in actual use, method for using the patent issues involved not responsible.
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