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Brushless dc motor controller characteristics analysis

by:Hoprio     2020-07-29
Brushless dc motor controller is a kind of synchronous motor controller, through the main body of the motor and drive. It has many features, today small make up take you learn about some characteristics of the brushless dc motor controller. 1. On the design to cancel the carbon brush and slip ring structure, at the same time it has the advantages of traditional dc motor controller. 2. Ability of high power running at low speed, reducing speed reducer drive big load directly. 3. With the characteristics of small volume, light weight, large output. 4. In medium and low speed torque on the sex is better, startup torque is big, current is small. 5. Adopts stepless speed regulation, make its speed range is wide, strong overload capacity at the same time. Above is the some characteristics of the brushless dc motor controller, hope to help everyone.
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