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Brushless dc motor controller and a motor controller is the difference between the two in where

by:Hoprio     2020-08-03
Is via electronic commutation process of brushless dc motor controller, and have flash electricity is through the process of brush commutation, as there is a flash bigger noise, low life expectancy, as others have flash life in 600 hours as follows, and is without flash electric life disorder by resolution bearing life, across 5000 hours. Have a flash of electric brush frequently switch electromagnetic nuisance that may occur to the rest of the electronic equipment. Rate control aspect, have flash electricity through a process of dc voltage control, convenient than a brief, but low rate match will be restricted; No flash electricity can also through the process of dc voltage speed control, but also be able to use PWM control method is convenient in low-speed speed control. Energy and rate, basically see the plan of mechanical and electrical parameters, but have a flash of electric brush to in large power under the condition of the reversing, due to the occurrence of arc too big, the power will not be too big to is the same as usual, I know that within 5 p, without flash electric can do great power; Have flash electricity will not have a high rate of mechanical and electrical, because so much mechanical and electrical brush will soon wear out clear, without flash electricity could reach 80000 RPM such high speed. Of course, there are flash electricity has the upper hand, capital is expensive, manipulate easily; As usual without flash electric capital high many, moderation in amateur to compare common sense. With no flash persist electrical control techniques mature, electronic components capital reduction and the progress of the people, the moral request of the product, energy conservation and emission reduction pressure, more and more have flash electricity and communication will be brushless dc flash electricity instead of mechanical and electrical.
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