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Understanding of the dc motor controller 'heart'

by:Hoprio     2020-07-26
Dc motor controller is able to make a direct current energy and mechanical energy conversion of the motor controller. At the same time its speed control is relatively simple, just need to control the voltage size, can change speed, and its relatively large inertia. It's divided into stator and rotor. At the same time the stator consists of main pole, reversing the poles, end cover and a brush device, the rotor by the armature winding, the armature iron core, commutator, the axis of rotation and the fan. In the market, dc motor controller has a very wide application. And it is divided into the brushless dc motor controller and brushless dc motor controller, according to the different requirements to choose the appropriate dc motor controller. For example to mute demanding will choose brushless dc motor controller; If the request is not high, can choose to have brushless dc torque motor controller. Through the above introduction, we controllers of a dc motor have probably understanding.
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