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The principle of brushless dc motor controller, rounding

by:Hoprio     2020-08-03
This paper will introduce motor controller development quickly and widely used in kinds of brushless dc motor controller. Brushless dc motor controller is widely used in daily life appliance, automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, medical electronics, industrial automation equipment and instrumentation, etc. As the name implies, BLDC motor controller does not use the mechanical structure of the reversing directly using the electronic commutator brush, brushless dc motor controller in use compared with brush motor controller has many advantages, such as:, can obtain better torque speed characteristic; Dynamic response, high speed; , high efficiency; , long life; , low noise; High speed. In addition, the brushless dc motor controller better torque and overall dimensions than makes it more suitable for the motor controller and its weight is more sensitive to the size of the occasion. In this application note will be controller of brushless dc motor structure, basic principle, characteristic and application of a series of discussion. Explore process may use the term can be found in appendix B, 'glossary' corresponding explanation. 2. Brushless dc motor controller structure and the basic working principle of the brushless dc motor controller is a kind of synchronous motor controller, which means that it's magnetic fields produced by the stator and rotor magnetic field is the same frequency, so the brushless dc motor controller will not produce the phenomenon of common induction motor controller frequency offset. Brushless dc motor controller and single phase, the difference between 2 and 3 phase motor controller, different types of phase determines the how much of the stator coil winding. Here we will focus on is the most widely used three phase brushless dc motor controller. 2. 1 stator brushless dc motor controller of the stator is composed of many silicon steel sheet after the overlying and axial pressing and become, each within the notching has certain coil winding, in traditional sense, the controller of brushless dc motor stator and stator of the induction motor controller is a little similar, but has certain difference on the distribution of the stator winding. Most of the brushless dc motor controller the winding of the stator have 3 in star line, each winding by many internal combination according to certain ways of the steel composition, an even number of distribution around the stator winding of an even number of poles. The motor controller to brushless DC motor controller and the diversity of DC gear motor controller and intelligent, 6 to 30 watts of 60 series brushless motor controller, controller, 40 tile to 60 watts series 80, brushless motor, controller, 40 watts to 120 watts series 90 motor controller, 200 watts to 400 watts series 104 motor controller, can adapt to the DC: to 48 v, 24 v AC, 110 v to 220 v. Motor controller to provide you with brushless dc motor controller + + gear reducer drive a whole set of the rotation of the solution, the product has been widely used in industrial transmission equipment, textile machinery, medical equipment and other fields, for you to build a more reasonable mechatronics product solutions.
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