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The characteristics of high power dc motor controller and benefits

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

foshan electrical and mechanical equipment co. , LTD. , various dc motor controller, if users need high power dc motor controller, mechanical and electrical will recommend brushless dc motor controller used for him, because according to the brush and brushless dc motor controller, divided into a brush dc motor controller and BLDC motor controller two categories of dc motor controller. Well, then, is to use high power dc motor controller or small power dc motor controller, it depends on your device the size of the driving torque of motor controller. Using high power dc motor controller has the advantage of motor controller start easily, and load capacity, fast speed, and with the same load time than small power motor controller, save electricity, will be big, but the reactive power of power grid will cause certain waste of resource usage, but the actual consumption power is very small. Although high power dc motor controller is better than small power dc motor controller, but not the power, the better, because of the high power will damage motor controller, belong to the overload, motor controller life is greatly reduced, the nominal power of the motor controller is typically 80% of the limit of power, the limit of power after a period of time, will cause irreversible damage to the motor controller. So the choice of dc motor controller power should be used in the reasonable range. For example, electrical and mechanical production of the brushless dc motor controller has power in w - 6 200 w, and relatively high power dc motor controller is a brushless dc motor controller, power in 20 w - 2000 w. Maybe someone will ask 'why ac motor power is greater than the power of dc motor controller? 'This is because the life of the ac voltage in the motor controller power P = U * I, U said voltage, I is current, usually do not most of the huge difference between ac and dc current voltage difference life with many voltage is 220 v industrial power is 380 v and dc because generally by storage devices ( Batteries, etc. ) Voltage power supply, its fundamental to reach so high, generally a few volts goods, more than a dozen, dozens of volts like this. If as opposed to a ac motor controller, controller has the advantages of high power dc motor? The advantages of dc motor controller: 1, has a good start and speed control characteristic 2, torque of the dc motor controller is big 3. Maintenance is cheaper. 4. Dc motor controller of dc relative to communication more energy conservation and environmental protection. High power dc motor controller has a good start and speed control characteristic. Therefore, in the high speed control performance requirements of large equipment, such as high power dc motor controller are adopted in the drag rolling mill. Dc motor controller, of course, there are also some shortcomings, such as. Dc motor controller manufacturing is more expensive, with carbon brush, change the trouble, here have carbon brush for brushless dc motor controller, so at this stage of electromechanical multidirectional users recommend brushless dc motor controller, controller for brushless dc motor without carbon brush, so also does not have relevant interface, therefore more clean, less noise, no maintenance, long service life. Throughout the above, choose high power dc motor controller has both its advantages and need to pay attention to the limits of its power, brushless dc motor controller has the brushless dc motor controller is more durable than, you can consider to choose again.
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