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The benefits of brushless motor controller with gear speed reducer

by:Hoprio     2020-07-18

the brushless motor controller with gear speed reducer as already mentioned the benefits of brushless motor controller with planetary gear reducer and brushless motor controller with the RV worm gear and worm reducer advantages and benefits, this article will continue to introduce the brushless motor controller with the benefits of the gear speed reducer. Brushless motor controller in the eyes of many customers may be the sort of very tiny, only half the size of the palm ultra micro motor controller. Indeed, in the application of brushless motor controller, the ultra micro brushless motor controller is the most extensive in the application of existing mature brushless, firstly, the shell is plastic, and built into the circuit board as the driver of the simple and easy, can be like ordinary motor controller connected to the electricity can, do not need additional programming and wiring, so easy to apply. But the application scope of the brushless motor controller is small, because the motor controller itself is tiny, the output torque is not big, but does not support multiple model control, couldn't reflect the variety of advantages of brushless motor controller, just no carbon brush, convenient maintenance and longer life. But be applied in the industrial situation of brushless motor controller, because the required torque is bigger, so relatively large volume, but also can assembly reducer, reduce speed and increase the output torque. Before the popularization of brushless motor controller, micro gear speed reducer is with mini ac motor controller and miniature with dc motor controller, the collocation of small size, easy installation, large range of speed ratio, gear motor is common in the production of industrial controller, the emergence of brushless motor controller, makes the micro gear speed reducer and a combination of a motor controller, and brushless motor controller itself for energy saving, high efficiency, high torque, long life is better than the micro ac motor controller and miniature with dc motor controller is more advantage, although the brushless motor controller to form a complete set of driver to use, cost may be higher than a brush motor controller of some, but from the cost of maintenance, brushless motor controller in addition to bearing wear no other additional wear, basically free maintenance, service life can reach more than 5000 hours, life basically is more than twice that of the other miniature motor controller, and energy consumption is only one-third of single from the maintenance and energy saving, can save a year out of the cost of purchasing, follow-up with more more money. So the benefits of brushless motor controller with gear speed reducer and miniature motor controller with gear speed reducer is the biggest difference in maintenance and energy saving.
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