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The advantage of the dc servo motor controller with the brake?

by:Hoprio     2020-07-16

the benefits of the dc servo motor controller with the brake? Dc servo motor controller with the brakes belt brake, also known as the dc servo motor controller or electromagnetic braking performance of the dc servo motor controller. Dc servo motor controller used for life in the production of all kinds of transmission equipment, and some of the equipment requires movement position relatively accurate, inertia sliding phenomenon cannot exist, such as driving, lifting weights for stop it will stop immediately, it will with the brake motor controller. Now with the development of the society, higher and higher requirements for position accurately, face more and more widely, has the braking performance of the dc servo motor controller will also involve more widely. Dc servo motor controller comprises stator and rotor winding rotor iron core, motor controller, servo motor controller, servo motor commutator, winding speed motor controller and speed controller winding motor controller commutator, described the rotor iron core by an laminations of overlying fixed on the rotor motor controller. So the speed of the dc servo motor controller has a good precision control characteristics, could have the whole local smooth control speed, almost no vibration, high efficiency, no fever. However, the characteristics of the ac servo motor controller is relatively soft, after reaching the rated torque, if the load torque increase, it is easy to cause sudden stall. But dc motor has a rapid response, large starting torque, rotating speed of from zero to rated speed can provide the rated torque performance. Although there is no carbon brush and commutator, ac motor controller is a maintenance free, strong, wide application, but if characteristics to achieve equivalent to the performance of the dc servo motor controller must use complex control technology to achieve. Nowadays the rapid development of the semiconductor component switching power frequency to speed up the many, improve the performance of the drive motor controller.
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