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Taiwan imports TROY motor 24 v motor is introduced

by:Hoprio     2020-07-24
Taiwan TROY motor:

brushless dc motor:
power: 20 w - 200 w:
shaft core circular shaft, gear shaft
input voltage: 110 v - 220 v speed:

3000 RPM torque: 0. 07 - 0. 8 nm form:
motor type, type brake speed control:
speed of internal control, external VR control, ( 0 - 5 v) Control

may meet PLC control brushless motor characteristics:
low noise, low electromagnetic interference, maintenance-free.
reverse smooth, enhance reliability.
than conventional motor has more advantages, small volume, light weight, high power, high torque and high efficiency.
the broad scope of high efficiency operation, very suitable for the load change is big, the speed change of operating conditions, these advantages are out of reach for conventional motor.
the brake function.
internal/external speed adjustment options.
adjustable slow acceleration/deceleration time.
the motor can be instantaneous and reversing.
motor is suitable for, three roll gate machine, brake, brake, brake, dc boost motor. Bridge, skew bridge type brake machine.
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