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Series product introduction

by:Hoprio     2020-07-24
Series of main products: AC induction motor, DC brushless motor, stepping motor/super low speed synchronous motor, stepping motor drive series, step/servo motor controller series, peripheral products.

DC brushless motor characteristics: high efficiency and energy saving at low temperature, low vibration. Low speed regulation, high security, have speed tracking compensation. Small volume, save space. Reducer maximum permissible torque 50 nm.

stepper motor features: digital control, high positioning accuracy. Response, frequency localization characteristics. Small volume, high torque at low speed. Stop when the excitation retention.

super low speed synchronous motor, high torque, low vibration, super-low speed, synchronous rotation. Start, stop, reverse characteristics of superior. High positioning accuracy, power retention. Avoid signal generator, ac input directly can do simple positioning.
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