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Rated capacity of the brushless dc motor is what

by:Hoprio     2020-08-08
In the previous article introduces the measuring the rotational speed of brushless dc motor controller and brushless dc motor microcomputer control, small make up today it is necessary to discuss with everybody under the rated capacity of the brushless dc motor.
the abbreviated to P 'refers to a brushless dc motor in the rated condition is running, the shaft end output mechanical power. For a series of products, for the sake of manufacturing, motor power rating shall be according to certain proportion coefficient increases. Provide the user to select the power coefficient is smaller, the more the number of varieties, and is used when the installed capacity and the less cost of installation. But due to the number of motor varieties increased, making increased motor manufacturing process equipment, production management complex, resulting in manufacturing costs. Therefore, power levels should weigh the production and use's need to formulate rationally. The brushless dc motor increasing power coefficient is 1. 35. The brushless dc motor power is small, if you want to design series of products, increasing the power factor can be reference to the general dc motor increasing power factor, can also according to the factory's own production conditions and to determine the market demand.
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