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Motor controller, led brushless motor controller development

by:Hoprio     2020-07-16

the motor controller is essential to industry and one of the most important link, because motor controller driver is the foundation of industrial development, including dc motor controller and ac motor controller are two major categories, the inside of the motor controller of dc motor controller is the use of dc power supply, ac motor controller is the use of power supply, ac motor controller users according to their own actual situation to choose the required motor controller. In recent years, our country small and medium-sized motor controller and micro controller industry developing rapidly, many devices to miniaturization, lightweight direction for improvement. Controller of brushless dc motor with its high efficiency, high torque, low noise, long life and other characteristics gradually replace a brushless dc motor controller, become a new hot motor controller industry application. That famous brushless motor controller brand - — The performance of the motor controller has a very prominent. Brushless dc motor controller by the motor controller market closely, brushless motor controller with the introduction of Germany advanced technology, equipment, personnel, continuous research and development to improve the existing brushless motor controller structure, make the efficiency of the brushless motor controller is more high, the torque is more big, more long life, etc. , in constant communication with customers, also gradually developed suitable for the customer the brushless motor controller is applied. Brushless dc motor controller was so popular, is related to its unique structure and properties. In terms of brushless motor controller, the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), models, ship model, model aircraft, electric toothbrush, beauty salon, small appliances, electric tools, electric curtains, CnC processing, model aircraft connectors above have been applied, USES a very wide range. Brushless dc motor controller, which is with the development of semiconductor electronic technology and appear new mechanical and electrical integration of the motor controller, it is the modern electronic technology ( Including electronic electricity, microelectronics technology) , control theory and the combination of the motor controller technology. In fact, today, the market there has been a lot of use of the armature winding rotating commutator brush dc motor controller, and use of the electronic commutation and magnetic steel is rotating motor controller, this itself is very common. But the brushless motor controller and their different is the use of electronic commutation and magnetic rotation of motor controller. Compared with the brushless dc motor controller, reversing motor controller exists a lot of shortcomings, such as mechanical commutation sparks cause commutator and brush friction, electromagnetic interference, big noise, life is short; Complicated structure, poor reliability, fault, need regular maintenance; Level because commutator, limiting the rotor moment of inertia of fall further, affect the dynamic performance. As a high torque brushless motor controller, brushless motor controller both outer structure, or converted rotating structure, are based on permanent magnet is given priority to, and any a motor controller is composed of stator and rotor. It can be said that no matter what industry, toys or machinery, construction and operation of brushless motor controller can completely can satisfy users to energy saving, safety, comfort and convenience of higher requirements. In numerous brushless motor controller brands, brushless motor controller and trust is withstand test. On the one hand, brushless motor controller has a high-quality research and development team, composed of industrial designers, mechanical engineers and electronic engineers. Professional team, to ensure the quality of the products, at the same time, the brushless motor controller is also constantly introducing new and high technology and international cutting-edge equipment, strive for perfection, demanding precision; Brushless motor controller, on the other hand, in accordance with the ISO9001 standards, established a perfect quality management system. From raw material, the choose and buy to processing, to the factory inspection, brushless motor controller to control quality, did it really 100% qualified products. In today's era of high speed development, all walks of life are facing and standardize, sure brand countless click can rely on its characteristics of high performance and high quality led motor controller industry development! Details inquiry website: http://www. tcmotor。 com/
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