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Moment such calculation of brushless dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-21

brushless dc motor controller of dc motor controller is a type of carbon brush motor controller. It and other kinds of motor controller with the related factors: the motor controller power, transmission ratio, speed, voltage, current and torque. When we are looking for a brushless dc motor controller, if you don't know it was time to choose how much power or torque. On one hand we can communicate with the technician of production of brushless motor controller manufacturers, request help you selection. On the one hand, we own can also be calculated by moment formula. Brushless dc motor controller torque can be calculated. We studied the physical knowledge, moment in physics refers to the force to rotate the object around the axis of rotation or protection trend. Torque is the unit of Newton - M ( N。 M) 。 Moment of the Greek letter is T. The concept of torque, originated in the Archimedes' research. Rotational torque is also known as torque and torque. Moment can make the object to change its rotation, while the reverse involves the moment. Brushless motor controller is mainly used to produce driving torque, as with all electrical or mechanical power source, its main function is to use mechanical energy into electrical energy. Brushless motor controller and mechanical equipment installation, torque under the action of the object changes in position or Angle, etc, therefore, according to the definition of 'torque formula can be calculated. The moment ( T) = power ( P) * 9. 8 / RPM ( N) , or transform each other factors can also be like this: T * revolution / 9. 8 = power. We do not prevent the brushless dc motor controller as an example to demonstrate to everyone and have a look. For example, when we choose the power of 1000 w brushless dc motor controller, controller and motor RPM to 3000 RPM, 1000 * 9. 8/3000 = 3. 27NM. , or torque T know brushless motor controller, power requirements, can be like this: 3. 27 nm * 3000/9。 8≈1000 w。 This is the brushless dc motor torque calculation formula of the controller. Different kinds of torque motor controller has different calculation formula, such as ordinary asynchronous motor controller torque calculation formula of T = 9550 * P/N, we must pay attention to distinguish. Usually have users said brushless dc motor controller and step motor controller with too much like a long, whether can be used interchangeably, in fact, brushless motor controller and step motor controller is just similar appearance, the principle of which is to have a lot of different. Brushless dc motor controller comparative advantages of stepping motor controller: brushless motor controller is generally high speed running, the stepping motor controller working speed is not high, the difference in volume is not large, but the strength of brushless dc motor controller is more significant is energy saving, convenient and the service life is higher than that of stepper motor controller. In addition to the brushless motor controller torque calculation, the other hot topic about the brushless dc motor controller, can focus on the mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD
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