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Micro analytical structure of the brushless motor controller for you

by:Hoprio     2020-07-28
Brushless motor controller belongs to ac motor controller, which is a kind of three-phase ac permanent magnet motor controller. Input to the model brushless motor controller of three line current is the alternating current (ac), in addition to this is not a ac 50 hz mains sine wave, but by the brushless motor controller controller of three-phase ac square wave modulation, its frequency is much higher than 50 hz, and changes with changes in the velocity of the motor controller. Say simply, by changing the input to the stator winding brushless motor controller of the current wave of ac frequency and waveform, revolve around geometrical axis motor controller of magnetic field around the windings. Magnetic drive the permanent magnets on the rotor rotates, rotary motor controller. The number of the performance of the motor controller and magnetic steel, magnetic flux intensity, the input voltage of the motor controller, and the control of the brushless motor controller performance has much to do, because the input is a dc current, current need electronic governor convert them to three-phase alternating current (ac), need from the remote control receiver control signal to control the speed of the motor controller, in order to meet the requirements of the model.
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