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How to reduce the wear of dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-27
Vibration strengthening phenomenon occurring in a dc motor controller is in use, mainly because of wear leads to some of its parts. This is where we to repair it. Below small make up to introduce how to reduce wear dc motor controller. Dc motor controller in the damaged parts: 1. May be caused by using the time is too long axial surface, keyways wear; 2. May be because of the wear is the one inducing the inefficiency of bearing hole of the screw holes; 3. May be the gear tooth surface, the gear tooth broken, gear, gear shaft hole and so on were wear; Methods: 1. If because of its axial plane shaft hole keyway and lead to wear and tear, can adopt precision plating to make it back to the original. 2. If for tooth broken damage caused, such as need to rethink parts processing.
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