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Hot press with brushless geared motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-23

hot press with brushless motor gear reducer controller hot press feels very large, as shown in figure according to the past, hot press manufacturers hot press tend to use ac three-phase asynchronous motor. But now, more and more hot press conversion brushless motor gear reducer controller instead of a three-phase asynchronous motor controller. Why, that's what this article want to explain for everybody. This is because is geared motor control is used in the brushless direct current, the three-phase asynchronous motor control is used is an alternating current, ac motor controller use dc motor controller is superior performance and ease of use power. Ac motor controller without carbon brush and commutator, free maintenance, solid, many characteristics such as torque, so widely used. Brushless dc motor controller, such as gear reduction motor controller has rapid response, large starting torque, rotating speed of from zero to rated speed can provide the rated torque performance. Three-phase motor controller to achieve the equivalent of the performance of the gear reduction brushless motor controller must use complex control technology to achieve. Due to these shortcomings, the development of brushless dc motor controller come naturally and more and more instead of ac motor controller and widely applied to hot press, and other areas of the mechanical drive. In addition, dc motor controller has a good start and speed control characteristic, torque is bigger, the controller of dc motor maintenance is cheaper, relative to the ac motor controller machine energy conservation and environmental protection. More about hot press with brushless motor gear reducer controller or a three-phase asynchronous motor information fast, welcome to electromechanical website WWW. tcmotor。 com
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