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Ensure good directional dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-26
In order to good commutation performance of dc motor controller, need for carbon brush for daily inspection and replacement. Such as the following aspects: 1. For carbon brush braid is fastening screws, avoid borders affect the freedom of movement of carbon brush, brush 2. Carbon brush braid no contact with the motor controller inside the insulation parts; 3. For carbon brush can move freely in the brush, spring position accurately, using normal function; 4. For brush and commutator surface is the same distance; 5. When the carbon brush HuanXing, required to replace all of the carbon brush, and the use of carbon brush type, material should be the same; 6. The carbon brush, before and after adjustment or replacement of required to observe the operation condition of the motor controller. Above is to ensure good directional dc motor controller performance of work to do, you know.
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