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Energy-saving sex of brushless dc motor controller is very important

by:Hoprio     2020-07-28
Every industry today, advocating energy-saving. Brushless dc motor controller for energy saving is also very important. Energy-saving method of brushless dc motor controller is as follows: first, the energy-saving reconstruction technology of brushless dc motor controller is stepping servo motor controller to replace the traditional brushless dc motor controller. Servo motor controller is a kind of intelligent controller, high precision, fast response speed, but the cost is high, the energy consumption. Brushless dc motor controller adopts closed loop system, it has the function of the servo motor controller of brushless dc motor drive controller and motor controller integrated into an organic whole, fundamentally change the defects of the brushless dc motor controller of the original installation space is also reduced, compared with the servo motor controller cost greatly reduced; The adoption of the advanced technology in transforming a process, also less than traditional motor controller of electric power. Can be seen from the power test, after the reform, brushless dc motor controller the average energy saving rate of more than 50%, high for 91. 7%. In addition, modified to improve the precision of mechanical equipment, reduce noise and temperature during the operation of the machine, prolong the service life of the machine. Secondly, the different mechanical equipment manufacturers are looking for more efficient and energy saving method. While previous transformation method can save energy to a certain extent, but they also have other shortcomings. Energy-saving renovation of brushless dc motor controller manufacturer has brought new power to the industrial automation industry.
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