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Elements on the control of dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-03
When the dc motor control technology, a novel dc motor controller, dc motor controller control technology is developing rapidly, the main digital control, the controller of brushless dc motor without position sensor control, both have their own characteristics. , digital control system based on microprocessor as the core, can achieve high complexity and high precision control, unthinkable. With the emergence of microelectronics technology, microprocessors and the improvement of computing speed, the development of computer software, automatic control system with digital processing is given priority to, with digital control system as the core, with high speed digital processing as the core. Due to the advantages of small volume, easy to realize, the digital control system, is not only a general control, vector control method, the nonlinear robust control, fuzzy control can be realized. Control, sensorless brushless dc motor controller for dc motor controller main body status is cancelled, all hardware electronic switch circuit, to reduce the volume and the cost of the dc motor controller. Because each stage and the reversing time of conductive winding can no longer depend on the position sensor signal, thereby increasing the control circuit of the magnetic pole position detection circuit, motor controller to stop or low speed, the rotor position signal accurately, generally difficult to detect, so also need a special sensorless brushless dc motor starting circuit of the controller, and with position sensor brushless dc motor controller is the same as other aspects.
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