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Dc motor controller to let you walk into his 'heart'

by:Hoprio     2020-07-28
Dc motor controller is a kind of dc energy and mechanical energy conversion to the rotation of the motor controller. Dc motor controller including dc motor controller and dc generator controller. Dc motor controller will direct current can be converted into mechanical energy. Can convert mechanical energy into direct current generator controller is called direct current generator controller. The speed control of dc motor controller is relatively simple, only need to the size of the control voltage to control the speed, and its relatively large inertia. A major part of the dc motor controller is composed of main pole, reversing the poles, end cover and a brush device consisting of a stator, and the armature winding, the armature iron core, commutator, the axis of rotation of the fan and the rotor. The market is very widely used. Brushless dc motor controller is divided into dc motor controller and brushless dc motor controller, so we how to choose the suitable motor controller? 1, high requirements for mute should choose brushless dc motor controller, low demands on mute should choose brushless dc motor controller. 2, low speed, high torque should choose brushless dc motor controller. The torque requirement is not high can choose a brush dc motor controller. All in all, brushless dc motor controller than to have more intelligent brushless dc motor controller, higher performance, but the price must be higher.
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