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Dc motor controller replacement maintenance knowledge do you understand?

by:Hoprio     2020-07-16

maintenance is dc motor controller when using, will encounter some of the situation: a. Need inspection on dc motor controller appearance, such as check the presence of fracture such as chassis, end cover, shaft cover, shaft head is damaged, fasteners such as presence of shortage. two Doing cleaning processing, parts for centralized storage should be apart, if there is shortage or damaged need to replace in a timely manner. 3. When removing brush holder, the connector well mark. Four. When removing the stator, commutating pole, will each pole on the number of gasket and gasket good record keeping. Brush used as an important part of dc motor controller, time will wear condition. If wear serious, need to be replaced. one Because of the different types of brush hardness and current density is different, so the change when you choose the same type of brush. two When change the double brush, pay attention to the change of sequence, cant agree, prevent brush to beat, affect the reversing. 3. When replacing a single brush can be put into use directly without grinding, but if the same more than two brush brush arm need to change, is the need for grinding. Four. Change, will the new brush grinding into the radian of like the old brush size.
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